Two agricultural traditions in past century…

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The past century in Bohemia has been reflected mainly in the agricultural and landscape practice remnants of blanket collectivization, pokračuj / entry »

Landscape archaeology under the Mount Elbrus – two weeks of vodka, dust and prehistoric tumuli

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“Russia is like a woman. Pretty, passionate but unfathomable” (Osman M. B.)

Pavel Vařeka & his Melody Boys from Pilsen archaeological department invited me to join the Czech expedition to Caucasus sometime in October 2018 and such an offer can not be refused. We jumped there from Russian (northern) side and were focused on valleys around Mount Elbrus. Or, better to say, Karachayevsk Uni was our alma mater and healing basecamp after hangeovers for two weeks. pokračuj / entry »

naive essays of spatial archaeology 02. Night in Berlin.

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Looking at the light polution of night Berlin taken in 2016 by ISS from the Universe there are two clear spatial patterns:

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QGIS Lidar quick howto

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Valid for GIS 3.2 (Bonn). pokračuj / entry »

diss 05. Questions (from Martin Kuna)

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Martin Kuna is so kind to help me as a consultant on my diss work and he started with a simple questions: pokračuj / entry »