Naive essays of material culture. About the beer, Coke and smalltalk…

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Look closely at this picture and try to guess where it was taken and by whom it was taken… pokračuj / entry »

About clay, bricks and tepes…

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Central Asia, and especially the village environment, is an Eldorado of historical construction methods, mainly different forms of clay – unburnt bricks (“kirpič”) and plaster. In the villages, you can directly observe construction methods that are thousands of years old, which are traditional, fast and cheap. pokračuj / entry »

AI and archaeology 01. Overview.

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We’ve had a lot of trouble with AI lately, so I’ll make an e-review and we’ll write something about it. pokračuj / entry »

A bit of that wild nature in the middle of a dehumanized civilization…

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Look carefully at the photo. It depicts the situation before my current job in a corporation, where I create (mostly) nonsense that, however, allows me to feed my family.

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A wilderness belt as a response to the discontinuity of agricultural work

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As the popular saying goes “inter arma silent musae”, not only the muses, but also ordinary village life. pokračuj / entry »