Jak naloadovat online mapy (Google maps a Bing maps) do Civilu 3D a GISu

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Mať podkladové mapičky sa dnes oplatí, akurát to skurvené S-JTSK ako vždy robí problémy… pokračuj / entry »

Bringing the new life to old archaeological documentation – from paper to 3D (case study)

March 15th, 2020 komentáre: 0

It is quite common to decomposite the terrain situation into simple entities for better undestanding – a process called an archaeological terrain documentation. However only few people understand this attitude properly in sense of consequent synthesis of documented sources. In the case of later graphics/presentation we could easily speak about reverse modeling. In the following section we would present the abilities of 3D modeling for “bringing the life of ordinary documented stratigraphic features”.
Following pictures represent the source (quite simple) documentation of typical rectangular trench.

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AutoCAD and stratigraphic single context recording

February 8th, 2018 komentáre: 0

Cleaning my storage space at home I found something I wrote years ago (during years in private archaeological company). pokračuj / entry »

zmena layeru objektov podľa layeru iného objektu

November 18th, 2017 komentáre: 0

Tento LISP skript vyzve k výberu objektov a potom target objekt. U vybraných objektov sa zmení hladina podľa target objektu. pokračuj / entry »

weeding out the polylines

July 25th, 2015 komentáre: 4

Exporting .DWG files from the Corel Draw environment brings a few difficulties – besides other getting splines from “normal lines” automatically. pokračuj / entry »

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