Thinking stratigraphy 03. Deposits, traces and Rene’s advice.

September 26th, 2020 komentáre: 0

When distinguishing types of stratigraphic units, I have always respected the principle defined by Harris: stratification units are the result of deposition events, ie. deposit = pouring (deposition) of material, negative = excavation (removal) of material, structure = location of the structure dividing the stratigraphy on independent stratigraphic branches. pokračuj / entry »

Thinking stratigraphy 02. The village calvary.

August 13th, 2017 komentáre: 0

In a small village Dolní Chobolice in Norhern Bohemia a torso of a small calvary is situated at the corner of old stone hause. pokračuj / entry »

Thinking stratigraphy 01. Few remarks to cumulative sections in terrain archaeology.

June 21st, 2015 komentáre: 0


Doing the rescue archaeology for almost one decade I never saw the cumulative section in terrain praxis. A standard way to get vertical documentation of an “object” (although I hate this term I would use it) is cutting to two halves, or more rectangular parts in the case of a larger object. I would consider the simplest kind of a sunken object in following text contemptuously proclaimed as “pit with that … ceramics” (greetings to Peter Kostrhun :)).

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