Naive essays of spatial archaeology 02. Tyres, waste, kernel density

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Each time demands a different lifestyle, and since the current time dictates a healthy and balanced style, I started running. pokračuj / entry »

DEM, DTM, DSM and DHM – how does it rhyme…

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This article is created as a small overview of the terminology of modeling topographic surfaces in GIS. pokračuj / entry »

QGIS quick howtos

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Podobne ako pri ArcGISe, tak pár rýchlych howtos, aby som si v hlave mohol držať dôležitejšie veci… pokračuj / entry »

Dollar street babies…

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Archeológia je (a vždy bola) pokus o trianguláciu našich a cudzích životov prostredníctvom materiálnych statkov – za pomoci kuchynského náčinia, hrobovej výbavy, veľkosti a vznešenosti príbytkov a tak. Výraz triangulácia som, myslím, recykloval od prof. Komárka. pokračuj / entry »

ethnic festival – notes on “ethnic costume” in archaeology

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Take a good look at the photo below. The photo is from the “International Ethnic Festival in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, 07 July 2022”, simply a meeting of people from the post-Soviet empire celebrating some nonsense, like thirty years ago (brotherhood, unity and such things). The festival also takes place during the tense moments of the national genocide in Ukraine and depicts young Russian women enthusiastically representing “Russian folklore”. pokračuj / entry »