Naive essays of spatial archaeology 02. Tyres, waste, kernel density

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Each time demands a different lifestyle, and since the current time dictates a healthy and balanced style, I started running. pokračuj / entry »

Steppe children…

December 8th, 2021 komentáre: 0

The presented three photos show the spatial disposition (mainly verticality) of several tepe settlements in the Ak-Jar locality (southern Kyrgyzstan). The archaeological research we did there with the University of Pilsen did not escape the attention of the local villagers, who went on excursions daily to see what the white stupid intruders were doing on their steppes. pokračuj / entry »

Anthropocene – great news for archaeologists

December 14th, 2020 komentáre: 0

In December 2020, Nature published a study claiming that the amount of man-made goods (i.e., artifacts) exceeded the amount of natural biomass. I do not intend to assess the validity of such a statement (the article also sources data and method of calculation), rather I would add a few archaeological considerations: pokračuj / entry »

Landscape archaeology under the Mount Elbrus – two weeks of vodka, dust and prehistoric tumuli

September 18th, 2019 komentáre: 2

“Russia is like a woman. Pretty, passionate but unfathomable” (Osman M. B.)

Pavel Vařeka & his Melody Boys from Pilsen archaeological department invited me to join the Czech expedition to Caucasus sometime in October 2018 and such an offer can not be refused. We jumped there from Russian (northern) side and were focused on valleys around Mount Elbrus. Or, better to say, Karachayevsk Uni was our alma mater and healing basecamp after hangeovers for two weeks. pokračuj / entry »

naive essays of spatial archaeology 02. Night in Berlin.

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Looking at the light polution of night Berlin taken in 2016 by ISS from the Universe there are two clear spatial patterns:

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kde som / where am i?

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