Steppe children…

December 8th, 2021 § 0

The presented three photos show the spatial disposition (mainly verticality) of several tepe settlements in the Ak-Jar locality (southern Kyrgyzstan). The archaeological research we did there with the University of Pilsen did not escape the attention of the local villagers, who went on excursions daily to see what the white stupid intruders were doing on their steppes.

Every morning we had to climb with equipment on these steep hills, engaging our arms and legs (4×4) and we understood the defence principles of the tepes. Sweat and swearing, endless ascent.
What was our shock when we saw the children of the steppes, as they mastered their horses up and down during their visit, in full gallop, in ten seconds… Without a saddle, without stirrups, just like that.

And suddenly I understood how shocked the Magyar and Tatar hordes must have been conquering the land fortifications (earthworks) of the early Middle Ages. Clearing the ditch and the embankment in full gallop and mowing the defenders on the palisades suddenly didn’t seem like a difficult task for these lunatics, who were perhaps born on the backs of horses. Suddenly I understood why the need arose for huge stone castles in the 13th century in Central Europe …

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