aerial photography on Duvansko Polje (Hercegovina) I.

July 20th, 2014 § 2

One of the component of international CONPRA project is archaeological aerial photography. I participated in flies in Bosnia/Hercegovina few months ago, flight campaign was led by prof. Darja Grosman from Ljubljana University and she has chosen the area of Duvansko Polje (Duvno field) near Tomislavgrad. I would like to thanks her and CONPRA authorities for that chance.

It is quite hard to find better region for the morphology-deterministic landscape studies. Predominantly karstic highlands are decorated with small, enclosed lowlands with fertile soil followed with village settlements. Particularly Duvansko Polje represents this pattern (highland with roads and pastoral enclosures; lowlands rich of soil and water; villages on the fringe of both worlds) quite distinctively – as seen on galleries.

The absence of steam regulation (water corridors) and traditional land use created locall land palimpsest that is no more present in central and eastern Europe affected by huge collectivization agriculture.

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