diss 02. Questions and possibilities (where should I go…)

November 5th, 2017 § 0

OK, this article should have been the first while empirical data acquisition with no preliminary theory (question placing) would be very precarious. In fact the questions were first and fieldwalking only adjusted to them but I started to write project brief terrain description so filling the hole of theory now.

In fact the crucial questions about the aims and a future course were articulated in well known paper of Martin Kuna. I recommend to see the conclusion for clear articulation of problems.


1. We sampled in Easter Bohemia where intensive agricultural processes took place for decades (communists colektivisation before all). We would presume the huge reduction of archaeological record. How huge? Is it possible to quantify the degree of reduction?

2. We sampled the same space many times (four times) under the comparable conditions. It quickly became clear the artifacts density (and quality) differs among seasons. What are the principal attributes of surface visibility in various conditions?

3. Regarding the above questions – is there possibility “to believe” the results of surface sampling by modeling the spatial distribution of archaeological components? Under what conditions? (This could be articulated in vulgo “Was Slavomir Vencl right in his famous paper casting doubts upon the reliability of surface artifacts scattering?”)

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