Spomienky poslednej Rimanky – expedícia HUKO (časť druhá)

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Spomienky poslednej Rimanky – expedícia HUKO (časť prvá)

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Pri čítaní správy o „Proškomierke“ sa mi vybavili spomienky na Frantu Proška a na expedíciu HUKO, kde som ho spoznala. Bolo to v roku 1954, na výskume v Barci, kde som sa dostala po 1. ročníku štúdia archeológie na letnú prax.

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A church buried in stratigraphy in almost original state

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Northwest Bohemia is a strange piece of land. Mordor of the Czech Republic, the place from which the people moved the Germans after the war and destroyed the original landscape by coal mining and the construction of chemical plants. pokračuj / entry »

visibility analysis I.

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The “visibility” in GIS environment is frequent and simple method of spatial analysis in various fields (e.g. archaeology, tourism, military survey etc… ). Sometimes it is called viewshed one. The use of this kind of analysis in archaeology  is based on assumption of:

  • the strategic position of a site for defence purposes (visual monitoring of a certain area; mostly the roads and crossroads?)
  • or the site regional significance/social presentation (a site demonstrates itself for a specific area) – not military objects exclusively, consider e.g. religious objects as well (church, cathedral etc…).
  • or both
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Photogallery – historical blacksmith forges

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Without words….

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