Mapy Oravskej župy (maps od Arva district)

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Ponajprve si dáme Lazarovu mapičku kráľovstva Hongrie….
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Archivní mapové podklady Litoměřicka, Liběšic a Dolních Chobolic zvláště

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Zdroje prezentace, tak, jak jsme si popovídali o mapách Chobolic a Liběšic v březnu 2018, jsou veřejné a online:

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The best analogous (hardware) maps of the world are… those from Soviet Russia…

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While Russian people of Soviet era have been usually lost in landscape due to civil maps of a poor quality and deliberate inaccuracies, those used by interior and military units were undoubtedly the most precise and information rich of the world maps.
Uncle Joe knew where you lived (and what is a color of your carpet) as John Davies clearly showed (part 02 is here). pokračuj / entry »

How have been medieval towns settled?

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The Polish architectural facebook group GrubaTektura published aerial photo of illegal Gypsys camp near Wroclaw as a metaphore of early urban stage. pokračuj / entry »

Orava castle (iconography)

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Orava castle (north Slovakia) is a favourite piece of country mosaic due its extraordinary verticality and location. I have collected a few iconosources from earlier time (with datation, author and source of graphic). pokračuj / entry »

kde som / where am i?

práve si prezeráš archív z 2018 at ďobo-CADzone, true men don't kill coyotes and use AutoCAD….