Converting geodatabase features into native .DWG objects

December 31st, 2014 komentáre: 1

Sometimes there is need to get pure AutoCAD objects (e.g. polylines) from geospatial features coming from external sources like SHP or SDF. Both AutoCAD Civil 3D and Map 3D provide instruments for this but hardly anyone knows alternative ways how to achieve this. pokračuj / entry »

AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014 error “FDO Provider OSGeo.SHP.3.7 Not Registered”

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If following error message appears it does not mean that You have not appropriate piece of software present (typically some dynamic library) but only “not registered” in Your AutoCAD Civil environment.

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aerial photography on Duvansko Polje (Hercegovina) II. Terrain modeling.

October 25th, 2014 komentáre: 0

Previous post about an aerial imagery in south Bosnia and Herzegovina was focused primarily on spectacular beauty of karstic landscape (Fig. 01) and the presentation of general results as well.

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aerial photography on Duvansko Polje (Hercegovina) I.

July 20th, 2014 komentáre: 2

One of the component of international CONPRA project is archaeological aerial photography. I participated in flies in Bosnia/Hercegovina few months ago, flight campaign was led by prof. Darja Grosman from Ljubljana University and she has chosen the area of Duvansko Polje (Duvno field) near Tomislavgrad. I would like to thanks her and CONPRA authorities for that chance.

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tabuľka prevodov binárnych formátov od Autodesku

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Konečne jadna z vecí, ktoré mi ušetria gúglenie pri aktuálnej potrebe konverzie formátov. pokračuj / entry »

kde som / where am i?

práve si prezeráš archív z 2014 at ďobo-CADzone, true men don't kill coyotes and use AutoCAD….